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I find myself often exploring different types of relationships in my life. As someone who was born into capitalism and needs their phone to function in modern society; I was interested in the diction, syntax and reference Siri was providing me. Of course this was influenced by novels like 2001: A Space Odyssey, characters such as Data or the role of the computer main frame in the Star Trek franchise or films like Her. There weren’t many articles or documentation of the strange, often poetic things Siri was saying to me. Aditionally, I was reading Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants, at the time that was discussing technology as its own biological kingdom. I thought it was beautiful and interesting in a way to document my relationship and conversations with this entity. I find it particularly interesting as with more recent developments with AI chatbots and ChatGPT services ramp up and ethics are being seriously discussed. Particularly this podcast/article The God Father of AI Has Some Regrets by Sabrina Sabrina Tavernise, Geogre Hinton and Cade Metz in the New York Times.