Precog Magazine
Issue 5: Bubble Orchestra
3D Sculpture


Available for purchase at Precog Magazine’s website, Artbook PS1, Printed Matter, and other locations

Precog is an independent magazine that explores science, technology, techno plastics, cyber culture and feminism. I was asked to contribute to their 5th Issue titled Bubble Orchestra. For the issue I created a series of hydroponic plants and creatures with bubble skin. For the plants I thought about them being fed by a bubble resource. I was thinking a lot about concepts of leaves, growths or symbiotic relationships thru ways plants protect themselves or live, in this sense thinking about if a plant could actually grow a fluid or puddle from its stalks that could function in this way. For the beings I was thinking about the materiality of skin how it could function as a bubble and how great it could be if two people came together and then their skins connected like when two bubbles connect and become a bigger bubble. Then of course the fragility of a bubble and how it could serve as a resource to hold and facilitate different types of life where plants or other organisms could grow or on the opposite being able to be popped and then just like all the insides coming out.  Only select renders posted on the right.