Les Écorchés (series)
*Selection shown
Oil on Linen

Part of this series was shown at Leslie Lohman’s Project space in New York, USA from June-July 2022. 

Part of this series was shown at Backhaus Projects in Berlin, Germany in June 2022. 

I painted this series of Écorchés over 4 years. At the time I was in and out of doctor’s offices/hospitals dealing with health issues thinking about art and graphics in these spaces. Everything seemed void of emotion. I needed light or illumination at the time so had to make these. I was reading literature about visuals and the curation of art, hospitals, and healing spaces. I wanted to make work that I felt would be helpful for me to see or others like me in that situation that felt positive and colorful.

I started by always priming my canvas with a shade of pink in a way to queer them and ensure they would stand out next to an academic Écorché. To make something positive in dark times was a task that was not easy, but I have to do these things and follow my heart always. 

Additional production notes/images on my blog.
Hopefully, these notes are helpful but are not necessary for viewing. I don’t mind viewing with or without detail, but felt like if a viewer wants this side of the story they can interact with it in that way if they choose. If you would like to purchase any of these that I still have please email me about this or join my mailing list via my site.

Titles (Left Column): 
1. Echo
2. I hear the way you taste
3. Vocal Range
4. Spread (Green ii)
5. whatever, wherever, whenever, however, whichever, forever
6. Look Back At It
7. Spread (Green i)
8. She who washes away pain

Titles (Right Column) :
1. Spread (Red)
2. Spread (Gold)
3. Pain Killer
4. Electrodynamics
5. glo worm
6. AC Live
7. Spread (Blue)
8. Juices