Film Photography 
Ongoing Series of 50+ photos of our interactions with NYC Statues over the span of two decades.

10 Prints currently available HERE 

Selected works shown and sold first
for ‘Going Beyond’ at Kunstraum LLC
Brooklyn, NY  in November 2018  
curated by Hanna Schaich and Lena Marie Emrich

2013- Ongoing

KMG is an ongoing photography series I have been shooting since 2013 in New York City focused on queering historical figures. The series interrupts monumental identities and prominent figures to recontextualize them in homosexual acts. The work creates alternate perspectives of histories and archaelogies. By doing so the photographs visually embed and reflect queer identity within society as it is and always has been, even in times thru which it has been oppressed. This is specfically relevant to global culture, as it’s important to see ourselves within each other, our leaders, and monuments.
This switch in context creates empathy and understanding for experiences outside ourselves. The hope is to build a bridge between worlds thru romantic gestures. This project is ongoing and I have collaborated with fellow artists Ickarus, Hanna Schaich, and Ian Faden who have helped take some of the photos. We hope to one day show all of these prints in the series as a cohesive show and book. Please reach out if you have interest in showing this work. 

(Caption: KMG- Tonguing George Washington on Wall Street)