Funnuvojere Records
All The VCOS You Can Eat
Album Art

Painting, 3D Sculpture, Typography, Animation

October 2023

Available for purchase HERE
Soon at Bandcamp or Discogs

Funnuvojere is an independent record label owned and operated by Massimiliano Pagliara. Funnuvojere is a small beach site in Salento, southern Puglia (Italy) that inspired the label’s namesake. Massimiliano is a world-renowned musician, DJ, and former choreographer. Massimiliano asked me to do the album art for his first personal release on his label titled “All The VCOs You Can Eat” named after the tools/technique used to create the track. Multiple VCOs or Voltage-controlled-oscillators were used to create the track which also informed the artwork.  We started by painting many different scenes, then found the layout for a VCO, extracted the schematic for it, then created a 3D sculpture based on that to form the album art cover.  After this I was asked to design the record sleeve itself in which I created a custom typeface for that was. To learn more about the process that went into this work, read more on my blog HERE. I am forever thankful to Massimiliano and the Funnuvojere team for trusting me to create this piece.