Illustration, Book Design
Published: October 2023
23 Pages, bound by quilt stitch and wire
Initial Print of 20, signed and dated

Illustration and book of Frankenstein concepts from the 1st part of 2023. Available for purchase at the 2023 NYQZF on 10/7. This book is a compilation of part of my sketching practice from 2023 combined into a book. The focus was to re-imagine the iconic concept of the Frankenstein into new shapes and forms. Each week I tasked myself to consider a different aspect of the book or of the current context of the world through which to build a new Frankenstein. 

This is an ongoing series I post on my blog that you can view HERE if you want. 

More info on process on my blog HERE
Video Documentation of Book HERE

Digital Download of Book Available
(Send $10 to my Venmo and email me to request PDF)