Feuerküssen (Red Ear)
Intermedia / Painting

Around early February 2023, I began to paint my ear red with paint and then eventually lipstick. At the time I was working on a series of portraits so decided to do one to memorialize this concept/moment. The application is to be used by others if desired. When I die I would love it if everyone would wear the red ear or a color of their choice to any ceremony as it would be a time to dance, spread kindness, and listen to each other more than anything. I love the idea of earstick or visual cues to let people know you are focusing your energy into your ears for listening. I would wear this to art shows, protests, operas, political talks, concerts, deep interpersonal conversations, or any event in which I felt like I wanted to bring a heightened sense of awareness to my ear as an active tool. Color like weight can affect us deeply. It continues to serve as a beauty mark and reminder for me when I catch myself in the mirror with it. Hopefully, it can do the same for you if you ever try it. The name comes from a German chili pepper plant named feuerküsschen (fire kiss) Hanna Schaich and I bought it when I decided to finally document it.

More Info on work and process on my blog HERE