Plant Face Filters for Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Published: May 2019

I created an Augmented Reality face filter of a Monstera Plant, Forget Me Not, and Ivy / Poison Ivy thru Instagram to bring more attention to the zoning issues happening at Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  I did this as I am constantly thinking of ways to utilize digital art for good causes. I was not paid to do this, this space is sacred and important for me and my practice so I wanted to make something to help preserve it and get more signatures/ exposure for the cause.  

Results so far:
Monstera Filter: Over 2.5 million uses
Forget Me Not: Over 1.8 million uses
Ivy/ Poison Ivy:  TBD

Petition Link: Sign Here
Email Updates: Sign Up Here 

Monstera AR Filter Access Click Here
Forget Me Not AR Filter Access Click Here
Ivy AR Filter Access Click Here
Poison Ivy Filter Access Click Here

Tag Me @benrossdavis and @brooklynbotanic and the location if you use it. The gardens are also using the hashtags #BBGnorezone #ResistRezoning and #FightForSunlight

There is also a group called Flower Lovers Against Corruption / Movement to Protect the People that have been actively working on the issue. If you call them you can get updated on the status and they have an email list. 

Shared Monstera Shots:

Shared Forget Me Not Shots: