Design, Photography

Phase 1- 2015
I designed and created eyewear initially as part of my studies at Pratt. I wanted to explore speculative design and make eyewear for future worlds that don't necessarily exist yet.  I was working on disruptive projections for facial detection software and had a bunch of sketches which led me to making shapes on faces. I choose to create transparent and reflective items for their aesthetic purposes. The photography and model choice were an homage to my time at Pratt and shot in yearbook style featuring creatives in New York at the time. 

Phase 2-2016
I was inspired by research on Dr. Shinobu Ishihara/ The Ishihara plates, the Armour of Achilles, the late Casanova, sportswear logos and countless hours of watching Star Trek Next Generation. I wanted to keep the background a bit muddy and gritty with high reflection;  I chose to photograph only busts, to represent a yearbook again but with a bit of a darker militant tone based on the political climate. They were made in a range of colors including double sided mirrors and a spectrum material called Prism, every pair are made to see thru but are also bent in a way which allows wearers to see behind them.

Phase 3-2017
I worked with color hacking and more abstract forms. I did color tests with yellow, blue and red  and created images with messages in them that one could only see thru the lenses themselves. This also included a line of 3D glasses.

Phase 4- 2017
I returned to some of my more concept work and shapes. I made frames inspired by urinals, reflective shields, and movement studies.  

Thank You : Anqi Rong, Amanda Lanzone, Andrew Akanbi, Angela Fan, Angelica Bess, Ankita Jain, Avery  Noyes, Ben Jen, Brett Schaft, Elayna Lopez, Erik Bergrin, Felipe Zapata, Garrett Traya, Grecia Alvarado, Hannah Schaich, Ickarus, Ivan Bussho, Janet Yin, Jessica Cairo, John Arthur Peetz, Lettuce Pray, Lukas Hoffman, Macy Rodman, Mateus Porto, Moshi Wong, Nina Carelli, Ryan Lucero, Roosevelt Rozay Labeija, Ryan Young, Spyros Rennt, Tatyana Cooper, and Theodore Hanna.